Clarkson S. Fisher Building & U.S. Courthouse

Trenton, New Jersey

Evaluation of issues related to the termination of the general contractor for construction delay and assist with claims against the owner related the addition to the complex. The review of the project documents, analysis of the design for constructability and compliance with industry standards, and development of a critical event time line established the cladding system design was unclear and the subject of considerable disagreement. The time line study demonstrated this disagreement seriously impacted the submittal process and was the main cause of the construction delay.

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Comprehensive field investigations to determine the extent of corrosion damage and evaluation of the structural integrity of the catenary framing system due to water leakage, deterioration of window frames and exterior curtain wall, degradation of fireproofing and asbestos insulation, corrosion of prestressing wires, and other deficiencies on this 12-story steel-framed structure. Window frames were disassembled to observe corrosion damage. Temperature, humidity, and pressure were monitor over a 5-month period. Conceptual recommendations were provided to repair the curtain wall, to eliminate condensation, and to repair the corrosion damage.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library

Austin, Texas

Investigation of the specific causes of the Travertine stone cladding kerf connection failures. Based upon laboratory analysis of the original kerf grout, it was demonstrated by testing that a gypsum additive to the grout created kerf failures by causing the grout to expand. Further investigation revealed additional serious deficiencies existed because of carbon steel galvanic incompatibility with connection stainless steel.