Advocate Condell Medical Center | West Tower

Libertyville, Illinois

Evaluation and air infiltration / water penetration testing of the exterior curtain wall's building envelope weather resistance to determine the cause of condensation observed in the interior modular curtain wall units of this expansion tower during construction. The exterior wall system behavior was investigated using infrared thermography, thermal analysis, and the use of in-wall thermal instrumentation. Repairs were implemented to avoid delay of the facility opening.

Avery Heart Hospital     

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Investigation to evaluate the causes of and provide repair solutions to the wall cavity condensation and ice formation of this specialty heart hospital. Condensation of the interior humidity resulted from the absence of an effective air barrier in this precast-concrete-clad structure. Repairs required removal of the interior finishes on exterior walls, application of expansive spray foam to function as insulation and an air barrier with special consideration of hidden windows, and reinstallation of the interior finishes.

Essentia Health-Duluth Clinic      

Duluth, Minnesota

Envelope consulting and peer review of the curtain wall design of this 265,500 square foot clinic expansion to the Essentia Health campus. Scope included the review of shop drawings, inspection of the curtain wall mock-up testing and consultation on the thermal insulation and vapor control.