Higher Education

Columbia College | Student Center

Chicago, Illinois

RRJ is providing exterior wall consulting services for this new student center to serve as the central hub of this expansive urban campus. This 114,000 square foot facility, designed by Gensler, is organized into flexible space where students have access to integrated spaces for both structured and informal interaction and learning.


Northwestern University Law School | Library

Chicago, Illinois

Investigation and field testing to determine the causes of water leakage of the law library facade's tiered cascade curtain wall with slope glazing.  Internal concealed spaces within the curtain wall system permitted water which penetrated the exterior transferring many stories before entering the interior and causing damage. Trial repairs were developed, implemented, and retested to demonstrate effectiveness. Based on the program, repair plans which included provisions for the Owner's desire to undertake the remedial work in phases were used.


The University of Chicago | Mansueto Library
Chicago, Illinois

This cutting edge library, designed by Murphy/Jahn, is crowned by an elliptical glass dome that extends above grade approximately 35 feet at the midpoint and utilizes no interior support columns. The dome covers the Grand Reading Room and sits atop an elliptical concrete foundation that extends several stories below grade and encloses the book storage and automated retrieval system.

RRJ provided independent quality assurance activities during the installation of below-grade waterproofing components of the dome structure. Project document review and periodic site field observations were performed of the as-built construction, along with witnessing of the quality assurance testing.