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Hospitality Suites Hotel | Exterior Wall Leakage Repairs

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Water infiltration testing of the exterior walls and evaluation of the physical condition of the synthetic stucco facade of a five-story hotel. Water infiltration had occurred through cracking in the synthetic stucco system at re-entrant corners and penetrations and at horizontal joint failures, causing significant delamination of the exterior stucco system from the exterior sheathing, damage to the interior finish areas, and a build-up of mildew within the metal stud space. A remedial repair program was developed and installed to resolve the water infiltration.

Ramada Renaissance Hotel

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Investigation of this 32-story hotel, formerly named Atlantic Palace, to determine the nature and extent of moisture problems experienced since completion of the project and several attempted repairs. Concerns included condensation, moisture penetration of concrete, sealant and window performance, and the impact of structural frame behavior.

A full-scale testing to verify the theoretical and physical evaluations, a structural analysis of the building frame, behavior to wind loading, and review of documents were part of the RRJ scope. Evaluation of in-place repairs and recommendation of alternate repair concepts for the precast panels, cast-in-place concrete, and window systems were provided by RRJ.

Sea Colony East Condominiums | Edgewater House

Bethany Beach, Delaware

Investigation and repair of an ocean front, 14-story resort condominium tower with a history of chronic leakage and deterioration of the exterior cladding systems, fenestrations, and exposed concrete. A structural analysis of the wall system, coupled with a wind tunnel study, indicated that the steel stud framing was deficient. Concrete walkways and balconies and other exposed concrete expressed excessive cracking, spalling, and corrosion of reinforced steel, aggravated by construction deficiencies which caused concern regarding integrity of the concrete. The phased repair program included upgrading the stud framing to resist wind load requirements, replacement of the plywood aggregate panels with durable cement-based aggregate panels, replacement of sealants and waterproofing, and patching and repair of distressed concrete, including the application of a liquid-applied deck coating.