Harvest Bible Chapel | Worship Center

Elgin, Illinois

Investigation and repair solutions to address problems occurring during the fabrication and erection of the steel building frame of the new worship center at the Harvest Bible Chapel campus. The investigation revealed extensive building frame problems which seriously compromised the structural integrity of the building. Installation of immediate repairs were done to mitigate the associated structural failure risks and to bring the structure into compliance with the building code.

Indian Prairie Public Library

Darien, Illinois

Investigation and repair design to address interior water leakage of the Indian Prairie Public Library. The investigation identified deficiencies in the masonry walls and roof, as well as improper design of the roof ventilation, which was found to be contributing to winter condensation as well as the formation of ice dams. The repair design effectively controlled air flow and heat loss through the building envelope, eliminating the ongoing ice dams and condensation.

Penson Temple

Chicago, Illinois

Investigation of masonry wall cracking and irregularities in the exterior masonry wall construction of this temple when its construction was nearly complete. Conducted a review of the project drawings and relevant codes and industry standards, visual examination of the masonry walls, and made small investigative openings on the inside face of representative walls in order to verify the location and condition of wall reinforcement.

Based on the investigation, recommended a more thorough structural evaluation of the design and as-built condition of the building be conducted and that remedial work was necessary before construction of the existing structure could continue.