Parking Facilities

Four Lakes Village | Parking Garage

Lisle, Illinois

Litigation assistance for construction-related claims. Investigation documenting the nature and extent of cracking, along with a structural analysis to ascertain the cause of cracking and verify the as-built garage capacity to support vehicular loads of this three-level concrete structure as part of the Phase V development. The rigid perimeter walls and ramps restraint anticipated the floor slab movement associated with concrete drying shrinkage, temperature change, and post-tensioning effects. Cracks formed in the parking deck and ramp slabs due to the high restraint forces not considered in the original garage design.

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts | Parking Garage

Washington, D.C.

 Evaluation to determine the cause of cracking in this multi-level parking garage that occupies the lower three levels of the busiest performing arts facility in the U.S. Condition surveys, field testing to evaluate corrosion damage, chloride tests, and strength and durability assessments of the structural system were conducted, which revealed severe deterioration of the concrete in all three levels. Development of repair alternatives and construction documents along with quality assurance testing and on-site inspection and construction administration were performed during the phased construction.

Miami International Airport | GTI Parking Garage #7

Miami, Florida

Comprehensive investigation to evaluate potential problems with the strength of the concrete placed in certain structural elements, the placement of certain post-tensioning cables in the floor beams, and the adequacy of the post-tensioning tendon duct grouting during the construction of this parking garage. Remedial designs and repair procedures to correct certain constructoin deficiencies.