525 Ada Street Condominium | Retrofit Rpairs

Chicago, Illinois

Investigation of leakage sources, the courtyard wall stability, and the condition of the exposed timbers following the conversion of two adjoining 1910 to 1930 vintage masonry buildings into loft-style condominiums.

Repair designs were developed to correct the extensive deficient conditions. Repairs involved re-roofing the entire building, replacing the EIFS and vinyl siding areas with a new drainage EIFS system, replacing the exterior gypsum sheathing, reconstruction of deteriorated masonry, subsurface waterproofing, removal of deteriorated timbers, and structural upgrades to the courtyard masonry walls.

Carmen Marine Apartments | Facade and Parking Garage

Chicago, Illinois

Investigation and evaluation of the physical condition of the exterior facade and structural problems to determine the extent of remedial work required on this 26-year-old low income high-rise residential tower and parking garage located adjacent to Lake Michigan in Chicago. Remedial plans were developed to repair the exposed concrete columns, replace existing window units, replace failed sealants, and insulate exterior walls.

English Country Manor

Bel Air, Maryland

Investigation of reported construction deficiencies at this 178-unit condominium complex, including defective roof trusses, inadequate floor framing, poor balcony attachments, insufficiently attached and flashed chimneys, unflashed windows, and nonperforming windows and sliding glass doors.