Whether it is a construction dispute or a major failure happens, clients rely on RRJ to provide quick response in determining the key issues and cause, and to clearly communicate complex technical concepts and details in an understandable manner.

Litigation Consulting | SupportMore than technical engineering and architectural experts, RRJ professionals are experienced litigation consultants and have testified at deposition, trial, and alternate resolutions proceedings. Drawing on forensic experience, our structural engineers and architects work closely with attorneys, contractors, and owners to develop strategies for the organization, presentation, and resolution of the matter. Our senior staff includes both architectural and structural engineering experts with specific knowledge in water intrusion, condensation problems, failure analysis, and materials, such as  windows, glass, stone, roofing, concrete, EIFS, and envelope assemblies.

RRJ identifies applicable standards and practices, educates clients on technical issues, provides expert testimony, and prepares exhibits utilizing advanced animation technology and graphic capabilities.

Litigation Consulting | Support Services

  • Visualization Technology
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Collapse | Failure Analysis
  • Standard of Care
  • Disaster Response
  • Critical Path Analysis | Timeline Studies
  • Constructability and Tolerance Evaluations
  • Document Reviews
  • Job History Reconstruction
  • Expert Witness
  • Trial Exhibits