Technology provides a visual grasp of the problem

RRJ provides technical and creative services to develop realistic presentations of structural or architectural problems or site conditions for clients and juries comprehension. Generated from original construction drawings, field observations/ testing, and project documentation, RRJ can create a range of visual presentations to demonstrate a client's design or construction problem or failure. We can customize graphics, 3D animation, video and interactive presentations to suit your communication needs.

Types of Sequence 3D animation technology:

Water Paths

Water Path animations are used to demonstrate how water penetrates the building envelope and migrates through the various building components. Improper flashing, wall penetrations, and roof-to-wall interfaces are all problematic details that are more easily discussed by using this tool.

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Construction Sequence

Construction Sequence animation allows the building or taking apart a structure visually to show the chronological succession of the construction process. This type of animation is helpful in explaining how a structure was built and what led to the problem being discussed.

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Collapse Sequence

Collapse Sequence animation is typically used to explain a structural failure of a component or entire structure when it collapses. The animation sequences the events that led to the structural failure. Photos, field observations, and field reports are used to generate the models. The final collapsed structure as animated can be compared to a still photo taken of the job site.

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