RRJ's laboratory is designed to provide structural and architectural component testing for investigation, design verification, and product evaluation

RRJ LaboratoryRRJ typically tests facade systems and components, structural elements, and construction products. Testing services offered range from ASTM and AAMA standard tests to custom test methods developed by RRJ.

Our testing capabilities cover a broad range of materials categorized into: anchors, bond strength, concrete, computerized data acquisition, curtain walls, epoxy, leakage, load tests, masonry, psychrometric instrumentation, rubber products, sealants, stone and strain gage instrumentation.

Our 5,200 square feet of laboratory facilities include expansive staging area for wall and steel assembly and stationing, RRJ Laboratory a clean room and instrumentation to measure load, temperature, pressure, humidity, strain, and displacement. Our laboratory is equipped with specialized test chambers to conduct air and water leakage tests on curtain walls and cladding systems.

Our engineers, architects and lab technicians possess varying skills and knowledge of the unique testing methods and equipment to provide input and assistance in test selection and specification. We have expertise to not only perform tests, but can interpret the data and translate RRJ Laboratory it to actionable, meaningful results.