Aviation | Transportation

Broad River and Chechessee River Bridges

Beaufort, South Carolina

Structural investigation of the cause of transverse deck cracking and evaluation of crack repairs and the long-term effects of the repairs on bridge deck as part of the SC 170 project for durability and long term maintenance. Each bridge consists of precast bulb-tree girders with cast-in-place deck on cast-in-place piers.  RRJ performed resurveys of the deck cracking 6 and 12 years after construction of the initial crack repairs.

Chicago Transit Authority | 95th Street Station Terminal

Chicago, Illinois

Quality assurance consulting and field testing services for the installed curtain wall of the new South Terminal building as part of the modernization and expansion to the 95th Street Station Terminal, one of CTA’s busiest stations.  RRJ’s services will continue throughout the construction of this multiple phase terminal improvement project.


Federal Aviation Administration | Air Traffic Control Towers

Ann Arbor and Flint, Michigan; Fargo, North Dakota; LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Building enclosure condition assessments of four air traffic control towers to identify abnormalities and deficiencies in the exterior building wall envelope contributing to water intrusion and to determine the general condition and serviceability of the exterior wall materials. Based on the condition assessment, RRJ prepared recommendations for future maintenance and/or repairs options for consideration by the FAA.