Aviation | Transportation

Indianapolis International Airport | Terminal Building

Indianapolis, Indiana

A roof truss shifted downward off the temporary roof shoring/jacking system during the jacking of the terminal buildinrg roof structure causing a construction shutdown for several months. RRJ investigated the cause of the shift in the roof shoring / jacking system and developed a procedure to lift and restore the roof structure to planned design elevations without damaging the structure and the unfinished and partially completed truss connections.

MIA Mover | Full-Scale Load Testing

Miami International Airport, Florida

Full-scale load testing of the prestressed concrete beams which are supported on concrete piers to demonstrate the expected in-service behavoir for this automated people mover elevated guideway transportation system.  During the testing, new cracks originating at the re-entrant corner of the dapped end of the beams were discovered, resulting in  analysis that these re-entrant corner cracks did not pose a significant structural concern.  When cracks began developing near the dapped ends of the beams in the casting yard, shortly after release of the prestressing strands, RRJ was retained by the Contractor to evaluate the cracks and make recommendations to mitigate possible structural capacity or long-term durability concerns.  RRJ conducted additional in-service monitoring of the beams after erection during active guideway traffic that  revealed consistent behavior and little in-service movement of the cracks. RRJ provided remedial recommendations for coating the cracked areas to enhance the long-term durability of the beams.  

Miami-Dade Transit | Metrorail Rapid Transit System

Dade County, Florida

The Metrorail consists of 23 miles of elevated transit structures and 20 passenger stations.  Near the end of construction, the Miami Dade County Office of Quality Assurance retained RRJ to consult on concerns regarding elements of the system's structure design and construction. Executed over a five-year period, RRJ provided engineering consulting services including: an investigation and structural analysis of the prestressed, precast concrete guideway double-tee elements; full-scale load testing; specialized field testing consisting of condition surveys, inspections and radiography; development of a comprehensive baseline inspection of the entire girder population; review of the pier cap ledge capacity for severe derailment loading involving a design review of ledges, and full-scale load testing of four caps; development of new methods of analysis and repair of pier caps, and laboratory load testing of a 1/3 scale model of pier caps.  RRJ  developed of a comprehensive, integrated structural bridge inspection program for the Metrorail System.