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Michigan Avenue Bascule Lift Bridge Restoration

Chicago, Illinois

When the Michigan Avenue bascule bridge leaf accidentally lifted out of control, it rotated so violently that it tore itself off its main supports and dropped to the bottom of the counter-weight pit.  RRJ investigated the cause of this freak accident and assisted in restoring the bridge with the primary task of lifting and positioning the 3.2 million pound bridge and repairing the parts damaged by accident.

RRJ conducted a condition survey and computer modeling of the concrete pit walls, floor, and caissons and analyzed them for the massive jack reactions so that the jacking operation could be performed safely.  Repair designs were required of the main bearing beams and anchorage system along with designs for various temporary steel brackets used to reposition the bridge. Hydraulic jacking was used to restore the bridge to its original position.

Midway International Airport | Terminal Building

Chicago, Illinois

Performance verification testing of one of the curtain wall installations at the new terminal building.  Initial air infiltration and water penetration tests verified compliance with the project air infiltration requirements but revealed nonperformance issues during water penetration testing. An investigation into the as-built curtain wall construction revealed end dam detailing and isolated glazing deficiencies. Together with the glazing contractor developed repair procedures to address the deficiencies. Subsequent testing with remedial repairs in place verified compliance with the project specifications.

Orlando International Airport | Crossfield Taxiway

Miami, Florida

Evaluation of the cause of pavement distress during the construction of this existing taxiway expansion. Investigation determined that the cracks were caused by restrained concrete shrinkage forces associated with the specified doweling of mismatched pavement joints between new and existing pavements, which prevented free expansion and contraction of the pavement panels. As a result, replacement of the cracked pavement with a new pavement redesigned with proper joints was done.