Aviation | Transportation

Orlando International Airport | Crossfield Taxiway

Miami, Florida

Evaluation of the cause of pavement distress during the construction of this existing taxiway expansion. Investigation determined that the cracks were caused by restrained concrete shrinkage forces associated with the specified doweling of mismatched pavement joints between new and existing pavements, which prevented free expansion and contraction of the pavement panels. As a result, replacement of the cracked pavement with a new pavement redesigned with proper joints was done.

Tocumen International Airport | South Terminal Building

Panama City, Republic of Panama

Critical reliability analysis and constructability peer review of this new terminal building roof design that features the use of large tubular steel roof beams and columns supporting transverse steel I-beams not aligned with the columns. This roof framing arrangement caused the structural designers to analyze the roof behavior using a structural framing system known as "moment frames" in a way never done before to resist earthquakes. In customary moment frames, the columns and beams are in the same plane. Since this offset beam arrangement and the use of large tubular steel beams and columns in seismic force-resisting moment frames was a world's "first", a structural engineering peer review was conducted.