Higher Education

The University of Chicago | Mansueto Library

Chicago, Illinois

RRJ provided independent quality assurance services during the installation of the below-grade waterproofing components of this cutting edge library's elliptical glass dome that extends above grade approximately 35 feet at the midpoint and utilizes no interior support columns.  The dome structure covers the Grand Reading Room and sits atop an elliptical concrete foundation that extends several stories below grade and encloses the book storage and automated retrieval system.  Project document review and periodic site field observations were performed of the as-built construction, along with witnessing of the quality assurance testing.

University of Cincinnati | Aronoff Center for Design and Art

Cincinnati, Ohio

Facade investigation to address ongoing water leakage at various locations since construction completion of this 'signature' academic building. The design is created by using slanted box geometry to form a twisted curve along the major axis that flows in various patterns to the other campus buildings. The facade is primarily clad with an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) interspersed with bands of aluminum-framed windows.  The investigation attributed water leakage to various anomalies associated with the window system, sealants, and the EIFS, resulting in facade deterioration and damage to the interior finishes. Remedial solutions were recommended to repair the distressed conditions, along with further study and water testing to determine the extent of the other envelope problems and associated failures.

University of Notre Dame | Clarke Memorial Fountain

Notre Dame, Indiana

Investigation and repair design services to address the ongoing water loss of the Clarke Memorial Fountain, one of the University's most popular meeting places and site landmarks on campus. RRJ performed a visual investigation to determine the cause of the water loss and developed a repair design and documentation to resolve the problem.  RRJ provided manufacturer coordination and construction administration services during the repair implementation.