Historic Structures

Chicago Park District | Douglas Park Field House

Chicago, Illinois

Evaluation of the condition and development of restoration repairs of the remaining limestone and brick masonry cornice suffering from water leakage above the main entrance to this 1900s vintage field house listed on the National Registry of Historic Buildings. Water infiltration into the limestone and brick masonry cornice had resulted in widespread corrosion of the embedded anchors and supporting steel beam and significantly displaced the limestone and masonry.

Cleveland Public Library

Cleveland, Ohio

Evaluated settlement-related claims and assisted in dispute resolution when unanticipated conditions were encountered during construction of a new, 10-story wing adjacent to the main building. A timeline of construction activities was developed to assess the contribution of various excavation operations on the reported damage claim. RRJ performed level surveys and site inspections of the structural building frame, marble facade, and the interior finishes to assess claims of settlement-related damage.

Garfield Park Conservatory | Historic Fern Room & Desert House

Chicago, Illinois

The Garfield Park Conservatory, built in 1907, is one of the largest conservatories in the U.S featuring six glassed-in greenhouses and two exhibition halls, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. RRJ conducted water penetration testing to determine the cause of leakage problems associated with the greenhouses' sloped glazing system replacement design.  The sloped glazing system enclosing the historic Fern Room and Desert House greenhouses consists of a glazing material that was being replaced with new glass and copper glazing components. RRJ recommended remedial approaches to the replacement system design, resulting from the on-site testing and visual examination of the glazing repairs.