Shedd Aquarium | Office Addition

Chicago, Illinois

Field air infiltration and water penetration testing of the new curtain wall and insulated-core metal wall panel installations at the aquarium's office addition. The testing program consisted of a shop drawings and specifications review of the relevant portions of the window walls to get familiar with the systems and performance requirements. Testing results and any failures were documented, with repair recommendations.


South Plaquemines High School | Hurricane Damage

Buras, Louisiana

Evaluation of moisture intrusion, material degradation, and potential chloride contamination of the metal building components inflicted by Hurricane Isaac’s on this school building under construction. At the time the storm struck, the building enclosure construction was 80% complete. The storm tore off localized portions of the standing seam metal roof and building enclosure resulting in water infiltration damage throughout the roof and wall construction and the interior finishes. RRJ tested the chloride levels on several different metal surfaces to assist the contractor in evaluating the future potential for corrosion in the designed indoor ambient conditions.

St. Francis of Assisi Church

Orland Park, Illinois

Water infiltration investigation to address ongoing leakage in several areas throughout the church causing interior damage.  Exterior inspection of the clerestory windows revealed that the system had been modified by the application of a variety of remedial sealants over the majority of the glazing gaskets, cover joints, and perimeter joints including the joint between the sill starter and sill section. Visual examination of the masonry wall detailing above the low-slope roof revealed several deficiencies, which contributed to water penetration into the wall assembly.  Replacement of the clerestory windows and repair to the flashing of the masonry walls was recommended.