Office | Commercial

175 East Delaware

Chicago, Illinois

Consulting services on the residential portion of this iconic 100-story skyscraper to assess the 40+ year old insulating glass units (IGUs) glazed into the aluminum curtain wall.  Independent performance testing of the IGUs was performed along with a review of the curtain wall documents and replacement records. RRJ developed continuous testing and monitoring techniques of the IUGs resulting in the design and implementation of selective IGU replacements.

225 West Washington Street | Office Tower

Chicago, Illinois

During the final construction phase of this 28-story high-rise office tower, questions arose regarding the adequacy of some granite-clad precast concrete panel connections and the surface damage to the granite and exposed concrete surfaces. RRJ investigated the cladding lateral and gravity connections and inspected the exterior cladding surface conditions. Corrective repairs to the connections were designed with installations inspected by RRJ. Laboratory testing was undertaken to develop and determine the granite and concrete surface repair techniques and procedures.

3250 Lacey Road | Office Building

Downers Grove, Illinois

Construction phase field air infiltration and water penetration testing on the punched window and curtain wall installations was performed on this new Class A office building to verify conformance with project-specified performance requirements. Diagnostic testing identified extraneous air infiltration paths, as well as various sources of water intrusion. The identification of contributing system deficiencies allowed the glazing subcontractor to modify their installations, resolve the nonperformance issues, and meet the project performance requirements. Retesting after modification verified compliance with the contract requirements.