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Chicago Mercantile Exchange | Lobby Renovation

Chicago, Illinois

Waterproofing consulting services related to the plaza design of the Mercantile Exchange lobby renovation. Review drawings of existing construction, assist in the selection of waterproofing systems and development of details and specifications, and provide construction quality assurance and administration services during construction.

Fountain Square

eBay Headquarters

San Jose, California

Investigation of the PIB sealant migration problem into the insulating glass units (IGUs) that are integrated into the curtain wall of Building 17 at the eBay’s Corporate Park. Field observation, photographic survey of each elevation of the building envelope, limited temperature survey of installed IGUs, IGU sample removal, independent laboratory testing, and a review of the design drawings were conducted. PIB migration and runs occurred due to viscosity changes in the material, resulting from chain-scission-induced molecular weight loss, indicating defective PIB material.

Experian Headquarters

Costa Mesa, California

Performed diagnostic air infiltration, water penetration, and structural performance testing of the ribbon window and combination glass and aluminum curtain wall systems to verify compliance with project specifications for three low-rise buildings.