Office | Commercial

FCB Center | Critical Facade Examination | Repairs

Chicago, Illinois

Development of repair designs and specifications for several conditions discovered during a critical facade examination performed by RRJ on this 22-story high-rise building to meet the City of Chicago Facade Inspection Ordinance.


Fountain Square

Fountain Square | Plaza Investigation

Cincinnati, Ohio

Investigation of the leakage through the plaza and into the spaces below which began during the renovation of accumulated garage deterioration and remodeling of the public space. Review of the available drawings and photographs and interviews with people knowledgeable with the renovation work, along with review of water leakage surveys from the garage and building basement spaces were performed. Repair drawings and specifications were developed and constructed to address the plaza waterproofing, expansion joints separating the parking garage and two adjacent building structures, and the trench drains used to collect and discharge surface and subsurface water.

Harbor Court Tower | Structural Assessment

Baltimore, Maryland

Review of investigations conducted by the owner's engineers and to assist in developing a comprehensive assessment of the structural condition of the exterior masonry tower facade of this 8-story hotel, 28-story condominium/office tower, and 7-story parking garage. Technical evaluation centered on the stability of the exterior brick veneer, which was built without horizontal relief joints, and long-term behavior of the as-built wall system, including an unusual spandrel support for the brick veneer. Full-scale testing and structural analysis predicted an acceptable behavior mechanism which was incorporated into the repair plans.