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Fountain Square

Honda Cares of Katy | Automobile Showroom

Katy, Texas

Investigation to determine the cause of distress in the exterior envelope that contributed to moisture intrusion and damage to the dealership buildings, occurring shortly after construction and after remedial repairs were completed. Field observations, diagnostic water testing, and review of design drawings identified numerous aspects of the as-built construction deviated from the project requirements, industry standards, and good construction and owner's representative practices.


Omni Office Centre

Lubbock, Texas

Investigation of facade damage, including marble panel cracking and displacement, hidden marble spalling at wire tie anchors, curtain wall connection failures, and distortion of connection inserts embedded in the edges of the concrete floors. Representative marble panels and wire tie anchors were tested for strength and stiffness, a wind tunnel study was coordinated to determine likely wind pressure and suction loads, and calculations were performed to assess wind-induced curtain wall and marble panel loads and stresses. The investigation concluded the damage resulted from the bowing inherent to the marble used, fabrication and installation practices common in the 1960s, and insufficient maintenance of the facade.

Fountain Square

PNC Bank Building | Granite Facade Panel Restoration

Springfield, Illinois

RRJ investigated the displacement of the exterior granite facade panels reported by a contractor performing facade sealant repairs at this five-story office building in downtown Springfield. A visual condition survey, selected removal of panels to observe concealed supports, design/shop drawing review, and adhesive testing were conducted by RRJ. Repairs to the column and spandrel panels were implemented to address deterioration and disengagement of anchors, as well as rotation and/or separation of the liner blocks.

2015 SWR Institute Trinity Award
Recognition for Outstanding Collaborative Partnership Between Members in the Restoration Category