Parking Facilities

Millennium Park | Garage

Chicago, Illinois

Performed a comprehensive analysis of the post-tensioned slab construction and evaluated the effects of shoring support to address construction issues of the three-level parking structure constructed below street level. The roof of the garage supports a prominent park which features a music pavilion, fountains, sculptures, and terraces. Investigated the ability of the constructed slabs to support design loads in accordance with building code and project requirements. Developed repair procedures for improving the long-term durability of certain cracked slab areas by epoxy injection and shotcrete repair techniques.

Tropicana Hotel Casino | Garage Collapse

Atlantic City, New Jersey

RRJ provided litigation support to the concrete subcontractor who was placing concrete on an upper floor of the new parking garage when the floor collapsed onto the lower floors killing several workers and injuring many. The collapse attracted widespread interest, and the subcontractor was cited with several willful violations by OSHA who sought to blame the contractor. RRJ addressed the willful violations by investigating the causes of the collapse, including the subcontractor's procedures, materials, forming design, and reinforcing work.  The debris and analysis both pointed toward the shear and torsion behavior of the unbalanced exterior column connections as the critical link.  RRJ's testimony to the OSHA Court in which the detailed description of the field-documented evidence correlated with the detailed computer analysis was found compelling and the Court withdrew the willful citations.