Park West Tower Apartments

Chicago, Illinois

Investigation to determine the cause and extent of distress of the exterior facade for this 22-story residential tower. It was found that concrete distress was due to corrosion of the steel reinforcement which often had insufficient concrete cover and failure of window sealants. Repair plans and specifications were prepared to correct the concrete distress and replace failed sealant joints around window units. Provided assistance with the bidding and contractor selection process and contract administration duties.

Sangamon Towers

Springfield, Illinois

Facade leakage investigation and repairs to the Sagamon Towers, a 15-story, 212-unit elderly housing complex, to resolve construction and installation deficiencies that attributed to the water leak sources and moisture problems through the exterior wall system and damage and deterioration of the unit interior finishes. RRJ was retained after several failed remedial repairs of the windows, roofs, sealants, and precast panels.

The Chandler

Chicago, Illinois

Envelope consulting, investigation, field testing and repair options to resolve water leakage at this 36-story high-rise tower shortly after construction completion. RRJ assisted other parties and the general contractor in the development of curtain wall and masonry repair recommendations and detail drawings and performed quality assurance water testing to verify the repair solutions.