Stadiums | Event Centers

Harris Theater for Music and Dance | Randolph Street Plaza

Chicago, Illinois

A joint investigation and repair designs were developed to address the water leaks at this multi-use performing arts facility in Millennium Park.  Due to its unique construction below grade, much of the "roof" is covered with landscaping or structures of Upper Randolph Plaza. The investigative included a review of the original drawings and construction photographs, excavations made through the overburden at several of the persistent leak areas to expose and document the waterproofing configurations, along with building occupant interviews regarding the history of the various leaks. 

Heinz Field

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Investigation and field testing of the stadium's northwest pedestrian access ramp to determine cause of concrete cracking.

Indiana State Fair | Temporary Canopy Structure Collapse

Indianapolis, Indiana

Investigation into the cause of the temporary canopy structure collapse by a sudden wind gust due to the onset of a severe thunderstorm. Examination of the wreckage, review of weather data, structural analysis of the stage canopy structure, testing of tie-back components, and review of documents defining policies, authority, procedures, and protocols that were to have been used if evacuation was required were studied to determine what can be learned from the events on that day leading up to the collapse.