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University of Notre Dame | Football Stadium

Notre Dame, Indiana

The football expansion in the mid 1990's added a new upper concourse and outer ring of risers increasing seating capacity by more than 21,000 to 80,795. While the "Old Bowl", the original structure was constructed of cast-in-place concrete, the "New Bowl" was constructed primarily of precast concrete components. For lateral stability, the concourses were designed to act as structural diaphragms, distributing lateral loads from the seating risers to radially and circumferentially oriented precast shear walls. Shortly after construction of the expansion, RRJ investigated areas exhibiting concrete deterioration and structurally evaluated and tested the Old and New bowl structures and components. Repair designs were developed, implemented, and monitored to resolve construction related issues and provide structural strengthening throughout the complex.

Youngstown State University | Stambaugh Stadium

Youngstown, Ohio

Investigation into the causes of the water leakage at several locations in this 20,000-seat football stadium. Field investigation revealed leakage had occurred under each of the waterproofing systems. Structural analysis revealed that the stadium design incorporated insufficient accommodation for expansion and contraction. A series of small joints with welded connections had been used without the benefit of defined expansion joints, resulting in excessive movements that tore the waterproofing systems and cracked the concrete connections.