RRJ Expands Forensic Testing Expertise with Hiring of Almir Maksumic, CIT, CCSMTT, CDT

Almir is a construction specialist with 20 years of experience with nationally recognized forensic engineering consulting firms and testing laboratories. His vast construction and material testing knowledge broadens RRJ's expertise in the areas of nondestructive testing methods, concrete evaluation, field investigation, and construction troubleshooting. His skills and experience further enhance our testing capabilities in the field and in our laboratory operations.


Chuck Guedelhoefer and Joe Macicak present “Using Full Scale Tests To Prove What Really Happened in a Construction Collapse” at the SEAOI Forensic Forum in Chicago

Chuck and Joe presented a case study of a forensic investigation that used full scale load tests to refute opinions stated by several other experts and OSHA investigators regarding the cause of a masonry collapse incident that resulted in a fatality. The in-situ structural configuration at the time the incident occurred was discussed along with the critical investigative findings from OSHA and other experts. Details of the design and construction of the test configuration were discussed, including forensic measurements necessary to replicate in-situ conditions for testing, and other specific detailing that helped assure the testing results were credible and unassailable.


RRJ announces the promotion of its new Associate Principals 

RRJ is pleased to announce the promotions of George MulhollandSarah Flock and Patrick Reicher to Associate Principals.  Each are recognized experts who have demonstrated leadership in the projects they have managed and their respective contributions to industry thought leadership across our expert structural and architectural practice.