George Mulholland presents “Restoration of Masonry” at the International Masonry Institute, Chicago Chapter in Addison, Illinois

This half-day program consists of a two-part keynote seminar followed by demonstrations and hands-on sessions covering a variety of masonry restoration crafts and techniques, and a classroom seminar. Participants will be divided into smaller groups for the demo / hands-on sessions to allow attendees the opportunity to work with the tools and engage in the crafts.


RRJ designs 9/11 Memorial for Village of Willowbrook, Illinois

RRJ provided structural engineering services for the design of a 9/11 Memorial as part of the renovation to the Willowbrook Police Station. The memorial features the remains of an elevator floor platform and support framing system recovered from the World Trade Center Tower 1 wreckage. The 1,500-pound artifact consists of two individual pieces with the elevator floor isolated from the steel support framing system by rubber bushings.  RRJ collaborated with the Village of Willowbrook representatives and the project architect to design a support platform to orient the artifact for display. 

A dedication ceremony of the 9/11 Memorial was held at an open house of the newly renovated Willowbrook Police Station on September 16, 2017.



Chuck Guedelhoefer is a panelist for the ABA Construction Litigation Section Regional Program on “Handling a Construction Failure Case” held in New York City, New York

Chuck serves as a panelist of two sessions, the first on securing a site, preserving evidence and developing the protocols among many parties involved in the failure investigation and, the second on analyzing failure causation through site observation, testing and structural analysis methods. The half-day program included sessions from other experts and legal counsel held at the offices of the American Arbitration Association in New York.