Chuck Guedelhoefer is a panelist for the ABA Construction Litigation Section Regional Program on “Handling a Construction Failure Case” held in New York City, New York

Chuck serves as a panelist of two sessions, the first on securing a site, preserving evidence and developing the protocols among many parties involved in the failure investigation and, the second on analyzing failure causation through site observation, testing and structural analysis methods. The half-day program included sessions from other experts and legal counsel held at the offices of the American Arbitration Association in New York.



Sarah Flock, NCARB presents “Building Envelope Commissioning Process” at the Illinois Chapter of Construction Owners Association of America (COAAIL) Workshop

RRJ Building Enclosure Architect, Sarah Flock presents the “Building Envelope Commissioning Process" at the COAA Illinois Spring event. This workshop takes a closer look at the challenges and solutions related to the commissioning phase of construction projects. Owner representatives will be joined by designers and contractors to discuss commissioning, closeout, warranties, and the increasingly necessary for envelope commissioning. Case study examples and best practices will be presented and discussed.


RRJ Building Enclosure Architect, Andrea Baird presents “Peer Review: Effective, Efficient and Educational" at the RCI International Convention

Andrea Baird presents the three “Es” of peer review and provide tips for the professional consultant for performing effective, efficient peer reviews, and useful tools in the education of both the designer and expert alike. Drawing on 45 years of peer review experience and interviews with leading architectural designers, she will discuss peer review contracting, the exchange of complex yet minute ideas and concepts of the pace of modern design, deliverables, and final construction phase follow-up.