Robert Kritzler and Brian Lammert present "Tall Curtain Wall Systems and Large Seismic Drift" at the NASCC, Steel Conference in Orlando, Florida

This case study examines the curtain wall system for a new international airport terminal building for accommodating large inter-story drift movements and how to provide installation tolerances in the design, discusses the process to design to meet AISC 360, and the use of mock-up testing to demonstrate seismic drift performances and damage limit requirements.


Joseph Macicak presents "Subgrade Waterproofing – Considerations for Specifiers" at the Construction Specifications Institute, Chicago Chapter Roundtable

Effective subgrade waterproofing systems can be relatively simple for some projects and exceedingly complex for others. Specifiers need to be aware of the existing jobsite conditions and details of the design that may affect the installation and performance of subgrade water proofing systems. The roundtable will discuss some fundamental parameters that should be considered in order to develop efficient and effective subgrade waterproofing specifications.


RRJ receives the 2015 Sealant, Waterproofing and Restoration Institute (SWR Institute) Trinity Award for the PNC Bank Building Facade Restoration

The Trinity Award is awarded for recognition of Outstanding Collaborative Partnership Between SWR Institute Members in the Restoration Category. SWR Institute members, Raths, Rath & Johnson (Associate), Otto Baum Company (Contractor), and Dow Corning Corporation (Manufacturer) developed the repair design and implemented the construction to restore the exterior granite facade panels that were displaced at the PNC Bank Building located in the Central Springfield Historic District in Illinois.