Anderson Air Force Base Exchange Store

Roof leaks that were identified shortly after construction continued after numerous repairs, leading store owners to suspect systemic problems. RRJ’s evaluation revealed cracks in the underlying concrete roof deck and showed that the deck design had not incorporated reinforcement capable of limiting crack widths. As a result, wide concrete deck cracks opened along lines that corresponded to the locations of steel roof girders supporting the deck. These findings rebutted allegations that the roof problems were the result of improper concrete construction practices. RRJ developed repair concepts and details.

How RRJ helped

  • Review project data
  • Perform detailed on-site evaluation
  • Analyze the as-built roof structure
  • Laboratory testing
  • Develop repair concepts and details
  • Assist with roof repair program

Project Details

Location Guam
Client Construction Risk Counsel, PLLC
Team Kurt Hoigard, Otto "Chuck" Guedelhoefer, Robert Kritzler, Kyle Magnuson
Market Transportation
Services Roofing Consulting Services, Building Enclosure Consulting

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