City of Naperville Municipal Center

RRJ was retained by the City of Naperville to investigate the concerns regarding garage concrete structural cracking, building cracking, and distress influenced by garage movement behavior, and garage deck and plaza water leakage (including that occurring at the plaza pool) at the municipal center. Below the plaza is both occupied office space and parking. The composition of the plaza includes cast-in-place and precast concrete, a liquid-applied waterproofing membrane, and granite pavers on the top surface.

The investigation consisted of a review and evaluation of the original plans and specifications, site documentation of leak locations, selective destructive openings to understand the constructed conditions and determining leakage sources, and laboratory testing of materials gathered. The investigative work allowed for determining the as-built conditions and provided necessary data that was used in developing various options to correct the leakage.

In addition to developing corrective repair requirements, RRJ directed studies to estimate construction costs associated with the various concerns.


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