Miami-Dade County Metrorail Rapid Transit

The Metrorail consists of 23 miles of elevated transit structures and 20 passenger stations. Toward the end of construction, the Miami-Dade County Office of Quality Assurance raised concerns regarding the structural design and construction. RRJ provided specialized structural engineering consulting services over a five-year period.

How RRJ helped

  • Investigate prestressed, precast concrete guideway double-tee elements
  • Conduct full- scale load tests
  • Perform specialized field testing
  • Inspect entire girder population
  • Conduct laboratory testing
  • Review pier cap ledge capacity
  • Develop a structural bridge inspection program for the Metrorail System

Project Details

Location Miami, Florida
Client McDonough-Lochner Joint Venture
Team Otto "Chuck" Guedelhoefer
Market Transportation
Services Structural Engineering Services, Concrete Evaluation

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