Michigan Avenue Bascule Bridge

When the Michigan Avenue bascule bridge leaf accidentally lifted out of control, it rotated so violently that it tore itself off its main supports and dropped to the bottom of the counter-weight pit.  RRJ investigated the cause of the accident and assisted in restoring the bridge, which involved lifting and positioning the 3.2-million-pound bridge and repairing parts damaged by the freak accident.

RRJ designed repairs for the main bearing beams and anchorage system and provided designs for various temporary steel brackets used to reposition the bridge.

How RRJ helped

  • Bridge restoration
  • Evaluate concrete pit walls and floor
  • Analyze concrete for jack reactions
  • Survey and study concrete conditions
  • Create and analyze computer models of pit and caissons
  • Design repairs for bridge restoration

Project Details

Location Chicago, IL
Client Burke, Burns & Pinelli, Ltd.
Team Otto "Chuck" Guedelhoefer
Market Transportation
Services Failure Analysis, Investigation, Investigation + Repair Services, Repair & Restoration Design Services

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