U.S. Embassy Complex

The low-rise buildings within the United States Embassy complex consisted of brick masonry bearing wall construction utilizing face brick manufactured in the United States on the exterior wythes and common brick made by the Soviets for the interior wythes.  The exterior brick masonry walls of the three-story housing units and the perimeter security wall were suffering from water infiltration, mortar deterioration, and cracking due to displacement from volume changes.

RRJ’s investigation program consisted of a condition survey and water permeability field testing of the exterior walls, measurements of the brick masonry cracking and distress, physical openings to evaluate the present conditions, ASTM testing of the brick, and petrographic studies of mortar specimens.

The remedial work plan included:

  • Selective replacement of brick.
  • Tuckpointing of deteriorated mortar joints.
  • Introduction of vertical expansion joints to accommodate volume changes.
  • Total reconstruction of the parapet end walls of the housing units.
  • Sealant work at joints, balconies, and front entrances.

RRJ prepared remedial construction drawings for the masonry and sealant work, performed ASTM E 514 tests on selected areas with colorless coatings, and made limited on-site inspections of the masonry work during the construction phase.

Project Details

Location Moscow, Russia
Client U.S. Department of State - Foreign Buildings Operations
Team Otto "Chuck" Guedelhoefer
Market Public
Services Investigation + Repair Services, Field & Laboratory Testing

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