Preventing and solving building enclosure performance problems

Preventing and solving building enclosure performance problems RRJ consults on all aspects of the design, construction, and rehabilitation of the envelope - components, systems, assemblies, and materials. We assist owners, contractors, and designers in establishing expected performance levels of enclosures through commissioning, design verification, and quality assurance inspection.  Our expertise is augmented by our field / laboratory testing capabilities to offer a full range of quality assurance testing from project inception to construction and project close-out.   Our Enclosure Specialists bring decades of experience in evaluating, testing, designing, and repairing enclosures to address performance expectations and failure resolution.

 Building Enclosure Consulting Services

  • Enclosure Condition Assessment
  • Code Compliance Review
  • Curtain Wall Consulting
  • Preventing and solving building enclosure performance problemsRoof Consulting
  • Waterproofing Consulting
  • Enclosure System and Assemblies Evaluation | Selection
  • Thermal | Hygrothermal Modeling Analysis
  • Peer Review of Design Drawings | Specifications
  • Mockup Testing | Evaluation
  • Witness Performance Testing
  • Construction Quality Assurance Programs

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) Services

Our in-house resources include licensed architects certified in Building Enclosure Process Provider (BECxP) and Commissioning Authority + Building Enclosure (CxA+BE) to assist clients in developing a quality assurance process for determining expected levels of performance and project requirements for building enclosures.  Our BECx process can reduce the potential for premature enclosure failure and will increase your building's energy effeciency and expected life cycle.