Technology provides a visual grasp of the problem

RRJ utilizes animation technology to assist clients in visualizing the project site or identified structural or architectural problem or failure.  Animations allow our experts to present a realistic three-dimensional portrayal of the project’s design or construction issue needed for depositions, arbitrations, and trials  for enhanced comprehension.  Generated from construction drawings, field observations and testing documentation, RRJ can customize animations to determine the most effective way to tell the story.

Types of Animation:

  • Structural animation explains a structural failure of a component or entire structure when it collapses through a sequence of events that led to the failure or collapse.
  • Water infiltration animation portrays how water penetrates the building enclosure system and migrates through the various building components illustrating the damage caused by improper flashing, wall penetrations, roof-to-wall interfaces, etc.
  • Construction sequence animation allows RRJ to build or take apart a building visually to show the chronological succession of the construction process explaining how it was built and what led to the issue(s) being discussed.
  • Fly-around/whole building animation illustrates a project's exterior providing views from all angles to understand the general layout and features of the site.