Community Associations Institute Illinois Chapter 2021 Condo-HOA Virtual Conference

It may sound odd, but the Surfside collapse was not a matter of insurance. Did you know that collapse is a policy exclusion? Insurance experts have speculated that the carriers involved in the Surfside tragedy paid policy limits to the HOA to avoid negative publicity. If insurance wasn’t the real issue, what was?

Changes to best practices and insurance regulations will ultimately emerge from the aftermath of this event. But how should an HOA identify and truly manage their risk? You will learn about:

  • Insurance Policies-What should you be focusing on to best manage your risk?
  • Reserve Studies and Structural Engineering Reports provide very different information. Does every association need both?
  • What about the Midwest? We don’t have oceans or hurricanes to worry about. Aren’t events caused by wind, hail or ice damming the same?

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