RRJ’s structural and architectural professionals have investigated thousands of failed and damaged structures, envelopes and materials.

We find the root cause of the problem

Our efficient approach to investigations includes your involvement. Early collaboration with you ensures we are fully prepared with the right information for better efficiency and fuller analysis.

Our field technicians arrive equipped with the latest instruments, evaluation tools and data acquisition systems. They work hand-in-hand with our structural and architectural experts to determine the best approach, from proven standard tests to highly customized methods for the most puzzling building failures.

Investigative services

What we perform


  • Air & Water Leakage Investigation
  • Building Condition Assessment
  • Cladding Performance
  • Condensation & Moisture Investigation
  • Failure & Collapse Investigation
  • Mechanical Systems & HVAC
  • Specification Conformance
  • Structural Engineering
  • Weather Damage Investigation

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