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Our deep structural and architectural expertise is matched by experts who know how to clearly communicate complex technical concepts and details.

We investigate the how and why

Investigative expertise and experience are the cornerstones of our practice. Structural and architectural investigations involve all types of buildings, structures, envelopes, construction and materials, and cover issues ranging from water leakage to total collapse.

RRJ architects and structural engineers are ready to quickly respond after an accident or failure occurs. They are trained to perform a full and complete field investigation and assessment. Investigators then form hypotheses as to the possible cause or causes of the accident or failure based on their field observations. To test these hypotheses, RRJ utilizes field data and documentation, analytical calculations, materials science, and laboratory testing. This process identifies the most likely hypothesis or combination of hypotheses. These results are then communicated clearly and objectively to the client.

More than technical experts, RRJ professionals are experienced litigation consultants and have testified at deposition, trial, and alternate dispute resolution proceedings. Drawing on their forensic experience, the structural engineers and architects at RRJ work closely with attorneys, contractors, and owners to develop strategies for the organization, presentation, and resolution of the matter.

With more than 53 years of forensic experience, RRJ offers a full range of investigative, analytical, and laboratory techniques to determine the cause and extent of damage. RRJ’s consulting services cover construction delay claims, job history reconstruction, cause and fault determination, and standard of care issues.

Litigation Consulting & Support Services

What we perform

  • Litigation Consulting
  • Root Cause Failure Analyses
  • Forensic Structural Engineering
  • Forensic Architecture
  • Structural & Architectural Repair
  • In situ & Laboratory Testing
  • Failure Restoration
  • Disaster Response
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Trial Exhibits
  • Visualization Technology
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