Condensation Investigation & Repair Services

RRJ brings extensive experience and building science knowledge to investigate and develop repairs to resolve frost/condensation problems.

Resolving condensation issues in new and aged facilities

While condensation can be a persistent problem in highly humidified spaces, such as hospitals, libraries, and data centers, any building with air leakage or reduced thermal performance has the potential for frost/condensation formation. Whether the cause is due to poor design, construction, deterioration or elevated moisture loads, if left unchecked, such problems can lead to moisture in concealed spaces, damaged materials, biological growth, odors, and occupant discomfort.

Condensation Investigation | Repair

What we perform

  • Condensation Risk Analysis
  • Visual Condition Surveys
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Field Testing & Investigation
  • Hygrothermal Modeling | Analysis
  • Remedial Design
  • Building Enclosure Peer Review for Heat, Air, and Moisture
  • Smoke Testing
  • Specifications & Construction Documents
  • Bidding Assistance & Construction Administration
  • Construction Quality Assurance
  • In situ Instrumentation and Monitoring of Building Performance
  • Litigation Support

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