Investigative expertise and experience are the cornerstones of our practice. Structural and architectural investigations involve all types of buildings, structures, envelopes, construction and materials, and cover issues ranging from water leakage to total collapse.

Investigation ServicesOur client-oriented investigative approach recognizes the often overlooked benefit of client participation in the investigative process. Thorough planning and review of available information before going into the field allows RRJ to efficiently document in situ behaviors and existing conditions, identify problem cause and extent, and address remedial issues.

On site, problem documentation and evaluation are enhanced through the use of proven and customized diagnostic methods. Our field technicians are trained and equipped with the latest instruments, evaluation tools, and computerized data acquisition systems to perform investigations. Investigation ServicesThese tools, combined with design and construction knowledge, allow RRJ to identify the extent and significance of existing conditions, deficiencies, and root causes. 

Investigative Services

  • Building Condition Assessment
  • Air | Water Leakage Investigation
  • Condensation | Moisture Investigation
  • Extreme Weather Damage Investigation
  • Facade Examinations
  • Cladding Performance
  • Structural Engineering Evaluation
  • Specification Conformance
  • Failure | Collapse Investigation