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Valley Grain Company | Grain Elevator Collapse

Kingston, Ohio

Litigation assistance to evaluate the credibility of the opinion of other expert engineers that the collapse had been caused by weld defects in the newest grain elevator tower. Review included project documents, examination of the condition of the tower members and connections, and analysis of the as-designed and as-built load cases, conveyor system, and the two adjacent towers. The newest tower had been erected with unplanned connections to an existing horizontal conveyor. Analysis of the relative stiffness of the new tower, adjacent conveyor support towers, and elevated conveyor structure revealed load resistance of the newer tower was more than twice that of the adjacent towers. Connection of the new tower to the conveyor in conjunction with the tower's relatively high stiffness, significantly increased the loads the structure would need to resist during a wind storm.

Morris Forman Waste Water Treatment Plant | Twin Bio-Roughing Towers Collapse

Louisville, Kentucky

Evaluation of the design, fabrication of the precast beams, and detailed reviews of the construction and subsequent litigation documentation of the Tower 2 failure. Analysis of design revealed incorrect loading assumptions were made during the design process, resulting in structural inadequacy of the precast beams. Deficiencies were discovered in the placement of reinforcement steel within the precast members. Evaluation of the structural components of Tower 1 revealed significant distress, resulting in the ultimate shut-down of Tower 1. Concrete tank walls and cast-in-place concrete grids remained intact; however, subsequent removal of the damaged medial blocks and precast beams was required.