University of Chicago D'Angelo Law Library

Designed in 1959, the law library consists of six floors above grade at the front elevation with an exposed basement level at the rear. The University retained RRJ to determine why the plaza and foundation wall waterproofing systems allowed water leakage into the basement. Excavation exposed incomplete and improperly terminated foundation wall waterproofing as well as horizontal waterproofing installed below the terrace topping slab. Based on the field investigation and water testing results, RRJ recommended the removal and replacement of the concrete terrace waterproofing and upper portions of the foundation waterproofing. RRJ designed the waterproofing repairs involving the removal of the cast-in-place stairs, plaza topping, and the plaza parapet wall.

Scope of Services

  • Conduct field investigation
  • Conduct diagnostic water testing
  • Design waterproofing repairs
  • Perform construction admin and observation during repairs
  • Conduct water tests on repairs

Project Details

Location Chicago, IL
Client University of Chicago
Market Education
Services Field & Laboratory Testing, Water Leakage Investigation Services

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