Water Storage Tank Damage Assessment

This city-owned water tank is a 3 million capacity welded steel, ground-level storage tank which suffered severe wind damage during construction. The tank is Reservoir 1 of Pressure Zone 3. The 79-foot diameter tank’s circular sidewall steel shell plate was pushed or caved inward, resulting in 40-foot tall “crease” deformations in the wall plate.

RRJ was engaged by the City’s design engineer to assess the damage to the water tank and develop a path forward to assure the City and tank designer that the tank would be properly repaired and compliant with appropriate construction codes and standards. RRJ tasks included providing requirements for the contractor to develop a stabilization plan and a repair plan to be reviewed by RRJ and the City, and then the development of an inspection, sampling, and testing program based on the contractor’s repair plan.

RRJ developed specific sampling, testing, and acceptance criteria for reused shell plate and welds based ASTM and AWWA standards


Project Details

Location Gillette, Wyoming
Client TSP Engineering / City of Gillette
Team Robert Kritzler
Market Public
Services Engineering Solutions, Structural Engineering Services

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