Insurance Industry Services

RRJ has been serving the insurance and surety industry for over 40 years providing damage assessment, failure/cause investigation, and remedial design services.

RRJ is a nationally recognized resource

RRJ’s experience specializes in the areas of defective design, construction and materials, building nonperformance, construction delays, and collapse/disaster recovery. Clients rely on RRJ’s structural engineers and architects thoroughness, field investigative techniques, and technical due diligence to deliver a swift and efficient response to claims resolution and damage recovery.

Insurance Industry Services

What we perform

Specialization Areas

  • Professional Liability Assistance
  • Damage Assessment & Recovery
  • Remedial Repair Design


  • Job History Reconstruction
  • Cause & Fault Determination
  • Fire Damage Assessment
  • Extreme Weather Damage Assessment
  • Water Leakage Investigation
  • Collapse & Disaster Investigation & Recovery
  • Remedial & Emergency Repair Design
  • Field & Laboratory Testing
  • Construction Quality Assurance
  • Litigation Consulting & Support
  • Expert Testimony

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