Patrick Reicher, S.E., REWC is designated a Registered Exterior Wall Observer

IIBEC awarded Patrick with this designation for his valuable contributions as a Subject Matter Expert in the development of the new Registered Exterior Wall Observer (REWO) exam. The REWO designation, new in 2016, was developed to validate that candidates possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to provide impartial, informed observation and documentation while performing the duties of project observation and quality assurance related to the construction of exterior wall systems.



Kurt Hoigard presents "A Prescription for Problems" at the Minnesota Health Care Engineers Association Fall Conference

A veteran engineer with over 30 years of investigating cases involving building leakage, deterioration, and collapse, Kurt shares some insights from case studies on how simple mistakes and bad assumptions in health care building envelope design can result in serious problems and costly repairs.


Kurt Hoigard and Brian Lammert present "A Perfect Storm: The Indiana State Fair Stage Canopy Collapse" at the Society of Illinois Construction Attorneys

This lunch-n-learn presentation discusses how the combination of numerous deficiencies ranging from RRJ's review of storm weather data to the structural analysis of the stage canopy structure resulted in this tragedy.