Sangamon Towers

Sangamon Towers is a 15-story, 212-unit elderly housing complex built in 1976.  The building’s cladding consists of a combination of smooth and exposed aggregate precast panels integrated with aluminum horizontal sliding and fixed windows.  Ongoing water leakage persisted despite various remedial repairs of the windows, roofs, sealants, and precast panels over the past 20 years and resulted in damage and deterioration of the residential unit interior finishes.

RRJ’s investigation involved visual observations of the exterior and interior wall surfaces, water testing, and destructive testing at the sealants, drywall, and metal components.  Other visual observations were performed of the exterior walls at each elevation, rooftops, and various interior locations.

Overall, several construction and installation deficiencies were attributed to the water leak sources and moisture problems through the exterior wall system and interior finishes, causing diminished effectiveness of the exposed barrier or face-sealed system.

RRJ developed repair approaches and plans to resolve the facade leakage.  The scope consisted of repairing the cracking, delamination, and spalls at the exterior facade precast concrete panels; correcting the sealant failures at the precast panel joints; replacing window sealants at the mullion and sill covers and closure pieces; addressing fastener penetrations; and replacing water-damaged interior finishes and wall panels.

Project Details

Location Springfield, Illinois
Client Pacific Management, Inc.
Team Kenneth Lies, Sarah Flock, Kyle Magnuson, Dennis Johnson
Market Residential
Services Building Enclosure Consulting, Investigation + Repair Services

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