RRJ provides structural engineering and architectural consulting services with field and laboratory testing capabilities that complement both disciplines. Our range of expertise:


Investigation ServicesInvestigation

Investigation services range from evaluating existing conditions and structural capacity to determining problem cause or failure. Our services include condition surveys, water leakage and condensation investigation, material performance evaluations, structural adequacy, structural failure investigation, and evaluation of construction claims and errors/omissions disputes.


Design Services Repair Design

Our repair and rehabilitation design services address aged and nonperforming structures to correct construction defects and impaired exterior enclosures, and to upgrade both structural and architectural elements. Our work applies to curtain walls, cladding, structural elements, roofs, window systems, and waterproofing systems. Preparation of repair drawings, specifications, and bid documents, and construction administration services are included.


Testing Services Field | Laboratory Testing

Testing services range from ASTM and AAMA standards to custom test methods for full-scale tests of facade and curtain wall systems, structural elements, and construction product for design vertification, air/water intrusion, and construction quality assurance.  New product develpment testing is offered for building material manufacturers.


Structural EngineeringStructural Engineering

Our structural engineering consulting expertise focuses on the investigation, design, and rehabilitation of structures to assess and correct performance issues. Our services range from resolving complex design challenges and analyzing failure to developing effective remedial solutions for a wide range of building types.



Building Enclosure Consulting

RRJ consults on all aspects of the design, construction and rehab of building enclosures to address project-specific requirements, performance, and quality assurance verification. Our building enclosure specialists combined with our facade and curtain wall system field / laboratory testing capabilities provide comprehensive services from project inception and building commissioning (BECx) to completion of construction and close-out.


Architectural | Structural Peer Reviews

Our range of peer review consulting services is designed to assist owners, contractors, architects and engineers in the areas of constructability, contract drawing and specification review, and to determine if the design meets the expected performance criteria.



Historic Restoration

Our historic restoration services utilized custom investigative techniques to critically evaluate and assess historic buildings and landmark structures to uncover the root cause of deterioration and distress, as well as to validate existing conditions for adaptive reuse or repositioning consideration. RRJ provides a full range of repair and restoration design capabilities and construction quality assurance services to rehabilitate and restore the structural and aesthetic character of the building.


Materials Evaluations

RRJ evaluates and tests a wide range of building and construction materials to assess performance, durability, permeability, and strength, and to determine failure causation.




Litigation Consulting | Support

When construction problems exist and experts are required, RRJ has the ability to provide assistance in establishing issues, identifying applicable standards and practices, briefing clients on technical issues, providing input for deposition, developing testimony outlines, and performing the necessary technical research. RRJ utilizes the latest visualization technologies for effective presentation of technical findings.